average investment: $3,500

Whether we're packing our bags for an elopement in a cactus-dotted desert, saying "I do" in your own backyard, or having the party of the century in your dream venue, I’ll be there to make sure you remember it like it was yesterday for years to come.


included in most wedding packages

Are you sitting there seeing all these couples in my photos laughing, being snuggly, and looking so freaking cute, and wondering "How do they look so comfortable and natural in front of the camera?!" Here's a secret: that could be you and your boo!!


average investment: $400

I'm all about capturing the big "wow" moments and the tiny, magical bits in between! From graduation celebrations to entering parenthood, or simply wanting to freeze a moment just because, I see it as a true honor to weave the tale of your life's adventures.



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I'll send you my full pricing guide that details all my packages. Then we'll schedule a virtual or IRL meeting to gush over your love story and go over all your questions. I'll also walk you through a full wedding gallery and my booking process so you know exactly what you can expect.

If the stars are aligned, we'll both do a happy dance because you're one step closer to gettin' hitched and I get to capture the whole thang!!!

Let's work together

No matter when or where, if you give me full trust and a nice chunk of time, we’ll make some magic together. If y’all are PB&J, I’m the bread and I’ll hold you together when you’re stressed about the timeline or think you’re awkward in front of the cam

wanna hang out?

Who said picture-perfect photos are the only way to go? Not me, friend! If you're scrolling through my website and wondering how all these folks look so comfy in front of the camera, let me tell you a secret: It's all about letting loose and being yourself! Want to grab some ice cream? Let's do it! Feel like rolling around in the sand? I'm right there with you! 

Whether you're a seasoned model or a first-timer, I'm here to make you feel at ease and have a good time. I'm not afraid to get silly and lowkey embarrass myself, all in the name of making you smile. I'll guide you every step of the way, so you don't have to worry about a thing. And when the camera starts clicking, I'll capture all those spontaneous moments that make you who you are. Ready to unleash your inner goofball?

That’s what a photo session with me feels like! If you’re looking for a photographer to capture any type of special celebration, i'm your go-to gal!

Frequently Asked Questions


YES! These are some of my favorite parts of my job. If you’re looking to get down on one knee, I’d love to coordinate with you on a perfect plan of action. I’ll go incognito—I’ve hidden behind trees in the forest, hiked in the rain, staked out in flower fields secretly, and pretended to be an innocent bystander with a friend to act like a decoy! Let’s come up with a plan so you can do your thing while I do mine (shhh!).

Do you give out RAW files?

No, sorry. I believe that editing is half the magic that goes into images and without this huge step, the images are only halfway done and don’t represent my photography quite yet. Giving out my unedited RAWs is like chefs giving out uncooked ingredients to their customers. No one wants raw chicken. ;) It also takes special software I’ve purchased to convert RAW files into an image so that you can view it on your screen. This process is long, and the file sizes are massive. The action of converting these files is part of what you paid for with my services. I promise I’ll deliver all the photos you’ll want, and if for some reason you think I missed something, just ask! 

Can you Photoshop us?

Nope. My entire heart with my photography is to capture my couples as authentic and real as possible. I want to capture the real stuff, the messy, the imperfect. I don’t alter the way you look other than skin blemishes or anything temporary that would not normally be there (bruise, scrape, acne, etc. unless you’d like me to keep it the photos). If you’re especially self-conscious about something, please let me know as I’ll be sure to be extra aware of that while I’m posing you.

Do you deliver every single image you take?

No, I do not. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. For example, because I shoot with a low aperture, sometimes I take a few extra shots to make sure I have the perfect focus. I don’t expect you to have the expertise or the time to zoom into each image to select the one with the sharpest focus, so I spend hours doing that on my end. In another example, candid laughs and emotional tears are some of the best images from the day. Unfortunately, they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. I might snap a few extras of any of these moments to make sure I have a great shot with the ideal expression for the moment. With my expertise of processing millions of images each year, I eliminate ones that I feel are duplicates and only deliver the best of the best. Just trust me. :)

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been taking photos with a “professional” camera since I was 13. I had a minor in photography in college, and that’s when I started taking on clients. I’ve been shooting professionally with my LLC since January 2021.

Where are you based? Do you travel?

I am based in Cleveland, Ohio, but will travel near and far! So far, clients have come to me from as far as Chicago and I have gone as far as New Jersey. 

How do you describe your editing style?

I best describe my editing style as a mix of bold and earthy. I’m on the moodier side while still being vibrant and warm. What you see in my work on my website and social media is what you can expect (considering lighting, etc). 

Can we print our photos?

You get printing rights included, so yes! You can purchase prints and albums right through your gallery! If you choose to go elsewhere, I highly encourage a professional printing lab (not CVS or Walgreens), since your professional photos deserve professional quality. 

What past clients have had to say...

If you like what you see of Laurie and her work but haven’t quite taken the leap yet, TAKE THE LEAP. You won’t regret it. Laurie was an absolute dream come true photographer for us! She has the perfect blend of light and dark, natural and styled, in all her photos, which in our photographer research process, was RARE to find. She has such a big heart, is incredibly helpful and communicative, and does an amazing job when she’s physically with you and later when you get the photos. I was very picky and wanted certain types of photos and places in our church because it’s an important church for our families. Laurie catered to all of it. She got me all the photos I asked for AND plenty more beautiful photos throughout our wedding day.

Hiring Laurie was the best wedding decision I made. She was so professional, answered all of our questions, and helped create our timeline. She was definitely more than our wedding photographer; she acted as a day of coordinator, bridesmaid, therapist, and friend. Working with her was so effortless and she went above and beyond. My wedding day was not stressful because of everything she did and how she made everything so fun. There is a lot I didn’t see or notice on my wedding day and looking through our photos truly felt like I was reliving my day. She perfectly captures a moment in time.

I don’t think our wedding day would have gone off without a hitch like it did without Laurie. Her attention to detail, time management, and ability to handle a crazy big bridal party with ease made her the perfect fit for our big day. She was able to make my usually nervous husband feel so comfortable with her! We are so grateful to Laurie and can’t recommend her enough!